“I don’t really like the match…” Yuya Mori, who moved to Orix, talks about the incredible all-time ace Yamamoto | Full Count

GM Fukura was also relieved: “I was relieved.

Yuya Mori, a catcher who exercised FA rights from Seibu and moved to Orix, held a liaison news conference at an Osaka hotel on the 26th. Pitcher Yoshinobu Yamamoto reigns among the powerhouse pitchers who have won back-to-back championships and the best in Japan, and they are expected to form a battery next season. Regarding the existence of the “absolute ace” who until now had faced him as an enemy, he said: “I thought I didn’t want to be at bat as much as possible.”

In the press conference, wearing the number “4” shirt, Mori enthusiastically said: “I want to contribute to the third consecutive victory of the championship. If possible, I want to wear a mask in every game.” GM Fukura, who submitted a large contract totaling 1.8 billion yen (estimated amount) over 4 years and acquired a “smashing catcher,” also said, “I was relieved. I told you the power of Mori-kun was always needed.” I had high hopes.

I also feel the joy of leading Japan’s best pitchers. Classmate Wakatsuki, Ishikawa who transferred from Nippon-Ham and others become rivals in the battle for regular receiver, but “I think it will be a battle, but it makes sense to wear a mask as many times as possible in a game. If possible , I want to wear it in every match, I want to do it with “I won’t give up.

As for ace Yamamoto, who won the “four pitchers’ crowns” for the second year in a row, “I mentioned him to the All-Star, but I think I have to communicate. (Becoming a teammate) It’s very reassuring .” They seemed to be eager to form the “strongest battery”.

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