“I didn’t like watching the Champions League on television”

A few days after being relegated from the Colombian national team for the Qatar 2022 and Copa América 2021 Qualifiers, forward James Rodríguez affirmed that he is in optimal conditions so that Everton can fulfill the dream of qualifying and playing the Champions League next season.

“Although it was not an easy year for me, in some instances I have had some physical problems that have not let me feel good, but I think that when I was well, when I played at the highest level, the team was good, I was good. Also, I made the club, my teammates look good and that’s what I want, for me to play well, for my teammates to do it too. For Everton to show very good football, although they know it’s tough here because all the teams They are competitive, they want to win and it has been good. It is a new experience, with almost 30 years old and I am happy. And well, learning every day from this “, declared James from Liverpool, England, exclusively for ESPN Colombia’s ‘Sport Center’.

YOU CAN SEE He will not be against Peru: James Rodríguez was dismissed from the Colombian National Team – PHOTO

When asked if Everton is in a position to fight for a place in the European competitions, the selected ‘coffee grower’ pointed out that yes, apart from the fact that the ‘Blues’ had just lost their coach Carlo Ancelotti, who has just become the brand new coach of Real Madrid.

James exclusively for ESPN Colombia

“Yes, why not, and if I’m fine, the team looks good too. So that’s my goal to be able to get to European positions, hopefully the Champions League because this year I saw the Champions League on television and I didn’t I really liked nothing. Because I had already been playing the Champions League since 2012. Only, I could not play the Champions League with Monaco and from there I played the Champions League all these years. So, seeing her this year on television was super complicated, but, well, let’s hope that next year we are there, we are in European competitions and that is what we all want “, pointed out the flyer of the popular “toffees”.

YOU CAN SEE James Rodríguez disappointed with Rueda after being dismissed from the Colombian National Team – PHOTO

It should be noted that Everton finished the 2020-2021 season of the Premier League in the tenth box of the classification with 38 units product of 17 victories, eight draws and 13 defeats in 38 official matches.



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