“I could stick the whole world!” A resident of Riga finds out about contact with a Covid-19 patient several days later – Society and Politics – News

All passers-by surveyed by “Bez Tabu” in Vērmaņdārzs confirmed that they were aware of the existence and availability of the special app. True, most respondents admitted that they do not intend to install the “Stop Covid” program on their smart device.

The world‘s first official Covid-19 contact capture application “Stop Covid” created in Latvia was published at the end of May. It has been downloaded more than 100,000 times since the launch of the app for smart devices.

“Now the situation has changed dramatically. Stop Covid has become an integral part of everyday life for epidemiologists. Almost everyone who has an app, when they receive a code that we give people, enters it into their phone. And – that means they do it good work, services to the society, “said Elīna Dimiņa, a representative of the Center for Disease Prevention and Control (SPKC).

Thanks to the “Stop Covid” app, Kristaps from Riga found out that he had contacted a person infected with Covid-19. However, the information received was not so useful.

“A simple statement that I have been in contact with someone infected with Covid-19 and that I will soon be contacted by an SPKC. That’s all. About an hour later I was also contacted by the SPKC. He asked where I was, how I feel. Of course, I was told to sit at home in self – isolation for two weeks, which was not very pleasant, “said Kristaps.

SPKC emphasizes that with the help of the application it is possible to determine the date when there was a contact, as well as how close and significant or long was the contact with the infected person. In turn, the SPKC then also talks to the parties involved, agreeing on further action.

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“All they told me was that I had been in contact with this infected person five days earlier. But I have no idea how that person got sick – the day before or the same five days ago, because that changes a lot. , because all those five days I’ve been at work, met with family, relatives, friends. It changes a lot. However, it leaves me in a lot of anxiety. I was able to cover the whole world, “said Kristaps.

The representative of the SPKC points out that epidemiologists would really like to know about each of the cases of infection as soon as possible, but the patients themselves do not do their best to find out whether there is an infection with coronavirus.

The developers of the Stop Covid app emphasize that every effort is currently being made to make the app work beyond national borders.

“Basically, the user will not feel anything. The terms of use will have to be confirmed again. Because the principle is that we will automatically take sick codes from other countries in the background and then send them to the devices where these tests will take place, or have been in contact. “Our app will now be able to travel to other countries and be sure that if there has been contact with the patient, we will find out. The goal is so that we can start traveling more freely and protect ourselves in that sense with a digital tool,” said SIA Makit founder Arvis Zeile.

Kristaps was and still is healthy as a radish at the moment and also during the time spent in self-isolation and hopes that it will remain so. And don’t stop deleting Covid either from your smart device.

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