I chose Roqaya’s name after Amr Diab’s mother, and my relationship with his children is good. Watch

The artist revealed Dina El-Sherbiny On the secret of choosing the name “Ruqaya” for her character in the series “The Game of Oblivion”, noting that it is the name of the mother of the artist Amr Diab, confirming that the plateau has nothing to do with this matter.
And she said Have El-Sherbiny, in an audio recording via MBCTrending Her choice of a name Rokaya in “The Game of Forgetting” was rooted from within it, and it has nothing to do with it being the same name as Amr Diab’s mother.

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Dina El-Sherbiny added, “I loved Amr Diab’s mother, despite not seeing her, and I was hoping to see her, due to the large number of Hadaba talks about her.”

And she followed Dina El-Sherbiny “My relationship with the children of Amr Diab is very good, and there is no impurity in it, and all of Jana, Kenzi, Abdullah and Nour are very close to me.”
It is reported that Dina El Sherbiny is currently filming her role in The game of oblivion And which is shared by Mahmoud Kabil, Engy El Mokadam, written by Tamer Habib, and directed by Ahmed Shafiq and Hany Khalifa.
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