“I can’t talk to him,” – actor Andris Bulis openly about the loss of his father

With tears in his eyes, he will tell him that the news that his father is gone has surprised him on the Russian-Latvian border. And if it were possible to go back in time, then he would like to change this very moment. “It simply came to our notice then. It stays and we have to live with it, “says Andris, urging everyone to appreciate their peers and the importance of being close.

“When you are taken away or taken away, and you realize that when you come home, it will no longer be what it was. Or when you call, that person will no longer pick up and say the words that always seemed to you – the same! But now they would be so important. Then you start to experience and worry about the few that you have left, “said Andris Bulis.

The emotional confession of the actor to the depths of his heart will also touch the guests of this evening’s show – supplies Vija Kilboku, the owner of “Zvaigzne ABC”, to whom the talented actor says his most sincere “thank you”. You will find out what this “thank you” will be in the show!

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