I can finally be myself: Hanychová spoke about freedom in…

Agáta Hanychová and Jaromír Soukup

Source: MAFRA PETR TOPIČ / iDNES.cz / Profimedia

Agáta Hanychová and Jaromír Soukup have been enjoying a joint vacation in Spain for more than two weeks, and their love is only flourishing. Lovebirds exchange love messages daily via Instagram. It is said that the mother of two finally feels free in her relationship with the owner of TV Barrandov and does not have to pretend.

Agáta Hanychová and Jaromír Soukup are in the phase of their greatest love, and they share videos and photos from their closely watched relationship with their fans every day.

“No change since yesterday, I love Agáta Hanychová and her world,” the billionaire sings an ode to an influencer sixteen years younger.

Agatha immediately returned the confession to her lover. “When someone takes a picture of you, in front of whom you finally want and can be yourself. Girls, I wish you too… It’s… I don’t know, thick. That’s a stupid word, it’s freedom,” Hanychová wrote about the photo from Marbella, where he already feels at home.

She is beautiful and kind

While Agáta Hanychová was primarily interested in Jaromír Soukup’s legs at first glance, the TV mogul’s list is a bit longer.

“I like everything about her, I can’t say that in one word like that. She’s beautiful, kind, I think we understand each other in everything. We probably don’t even have a topic on which we don’t have something to say or fundamentally clash,” revealed Soukup in the first live broadcast with his partner on Instagram.

“I like everything about you,” repeated the amorous Soukup, who only has eyes for Agatha.

Hanychová and Soukup compete in love confessions

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