“I attacked him and hugged him” .. A fan embarrasses Kazem El Saher on stage

The Iraqi star Kazem El-Saher was exposed to a situation that was repeated more than once in his concerts, as one of his fans stormed the theater yesterday, Tuesday, when he was performing his concert on the Fountain Theater at the Egyptian Opera House.

In the details, one of the “Caesar” fans went up to the stage, despite the great security restrictions to prevent these surprises, and hugged him tightly, which led to him feeling ashamed and confused.

In turn, Kazem El-Saher dealt calmly with the situation, spoke to the fan gently and took a picture with her, based on her desperate desire to do so. He also accompanied her until she got off the stage safely, then returned to singing and continued to delight his audience for 3 continuous hours.

The pioneers of social networking sites also shared a number of comments on the fan’s photo with the Iraqi star, considering that it annoyed the artist, especially that it came suddenly, praising Al-Saher’s reaction.

It is noteworthy that the Iraqi star performed on the Fountain Theater at the Egyptian Opera House yesterday, his second public concert in Egypt within a week, after reviving a concert on the northern coast, which witnessed his return to the original Egyptian musical evenings after an absence of 13 years.

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