“I apologize to the French on their behalf” – Libero Quotidiano

“Let me tell you what a shame and above all let me apologize to the French people, to the children of the dead and the beheaded, on behalf of Giuseppe Conte and Luciana Lamorgese“. So Matteo Salvini in a direct social network he commented on what emerged on the Islamic terrorist attack that occurred in Nice, where two women and the guardian lost their lives inside the church of Notre-Dame. “The Italian premier and interior minister have the moral responsibility of what happened in France “, attacked the secretary of the League who soon explained why:” The bomber had landed in Lampedusa, had been identified a Bari and then left free, but they send me to trial. There is talk of lockdown, schools and gyms are closed and this lousy killer goes down to Bari and holds him? No, they identify him, he runs away and goes to kill. If I had been a minister and kept him on a ship they would have tried me“. A bitter outburst, that of Salvini who cannot understand himself as an established criminal, also investigated in Agrigento for aiding clandestine immigration, has managed undisturbed to reach France. “Mr. Conte, Mrs. Lamorgese – was the gloss of the Northern League secretary – apologize”.

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