“I am against power and opposition”

Muharrem İnce made a statement to Superhaber.tv writer Nuran Yıldız regarding the claims that he will establish a new party. Yıldız stated in his article that İnce said “I am against both the government and the opposition”.

The relevant part of Yıldız’s article is as follows:

“‘İktidara I am against the opposition! ‘

The sentence belongs to Muharrem İnce

To Muharrem İnce, who was elected as a Presidential candidate by the CHP and received votes on his party and was placed at the back of the congress as closer to the toilet doors.

I called upon the rumors that ‘he is establishing a new party’, ‘No, is the genuine genuine CHP coming?’

We laughed as Benzetmem looks like a bus company.

He said such a sentence that it should be underlined:

‘I am against power and opposition!’

This sentence may be the slogan of those who do not know where to go, who vote for the party they voted for.

If he catches the vein of those who do not belong anywhere, he initiates a mental, not an individual, self-interested, loyal initiative, the possibility of our dead-earth politics to move


İnce previously said on Twitter, “When I make a decision that I believe is right for my country, I explain my decision“he said.

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