“I am a great Zionist” .. British Prime Minister Liz Truss provokes an interaction

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Social media activists circulated a video clip of British Prime Minister Liz Truss and a statement saying, “I am a great Zionist,” which sparked an interaction.

In the circulating video, the British Prime Minister said: “As you know, I am a great Zionist, I am a great supporter of Israel and I know we can strengthen relations between the UK and Israel.”

Trass’s statements in the circulating video came during a speech he gave at a meeting of the Conservative Friends of Israel, or what is known for short as “CFI”.

Interestingly, US President Joe Biden previously provoked an interaction with a statement claiming he was a Zionist in 2014 and was then Vice President Barack Obama, when he said at the time, “If I were a Jew, I would be a Zionist … My father indicated that it is not necessary for me to be Jewish to become a Zionist, and this is me … Israel is essential for the safety of Jews throughout the world. “

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