I am a Bulgarian, Brendo wrote to the court in our country days after his arrest in Ukraine

Evelin Banev appeared in court in Bulgaria, while Romania was looking for him with a red bulletin at Interpol to put him in prison for drug trafficking.

He has not applied for renunciation of Bulgarian citizenship, the Ministry of Justice announced

The cocaine king presents himself to the institutions in Sofia with the data from his ID card issued in our country, but according to the magistrates in Kiev he is only their citizen, with a passport from 2015.

I am a Bulgarian, claims Evelin Banev-Brendo in her request to the Sofia City Court to accept for execution his sentences from Italy and Romania in order to serve them in prison in our country. This was learned by 24 Chasa from two independent sources familiar with the case.

Brando states that he is a Bulgarian citizen, days after his arrest in Ukraine on September 6 this year. On September 14, the Ministry of Justice in Bulgaria received a request from the Prosecutor General for his extradition. It was sent to Ukraine on September 16. Brendo was still detained at the time. Later it became clear that the court in Kiev refused to extradite him to our country because he is Ukrainian, and the constitution there prohibits the extradition of their citizens.

The law in Ukraine prohibits dual citizenship, which is in

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City Court

through the prosecution and the information provided by the Ministry of Justice to 24 Chasa.

“The person did not submit an application for renunciation of Bulgarian citizenship and there was no procedure for his release from such” – this was answered by the Ministry of Justice to a question from “24 Chasa”.

Thus, the case of Brendo’s citizenship and extradition became even more complicated.

The request of the arrested Banev has reached the court through the Supreme Cassation Prosecutor’s Office, as is the legal order.

I am a Bulgarian citizen. I live permanently in Bulgaria and my family and I are permanently established here. Recognition of the sentences from Italy and Romania for execution in Bulgaria will help my social reintegration, wrote Brando in his petition to the court. He also indicated his Bulgarian PIN on his ID card. The magistrates considered his application on September 20 and refused. At the time, Brendo was still in custody in Kiev. The decision of the court in Ukraine to release him on the grounds that he is their citizen is from September 22.

According to the court in Kiev, Evelin Banev’s Ukrainian passport was issued on December 16, 2015. At that time, Brando was a defendant in the case of money laundering in our country. The trial is at second instance in the Court of Appeal. Then known as the cocaine king, he was remanded in custody

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fled Bulgaria

Towards the end of 2015, he was sentenced at first instance in Italy for cocaine trafficking and sentenced to 20 years in prison, which was confirmed 2 years later. In addition, Romania is looking for him with Interpol for a sentence, again at first instance, of 10 years and 6 months in prison. During this time, Banev was in Bulgaria, appeared in the case against him, walked unguarded and even wrote the book “I see the soul of Bulgaria.” The inspiration for his work came while he was in Italian custody from the spring of 2012 to the summer of 2013.

Brando is also a party to another pending case in Bulgaria. It is civil with plaintiff the Anti-Corruption Commission and defendants Banev, his daughter Alexandra, his ex-wife Monica, his brother Simo Karaichev and a company that was formerly owned by Brando and is now owned by his ex-wife. The claim of KPKONPI is for confiscation of property for BGN 21 million. The case has been pending since 2018. The respondent is the Bulgarian citizen Evelin Banev and applications have been submitted on his behalf with his data from the Bulgarian identity document. The file system of the Sofia City Court reveals that the last requests from Brando in the case of KPKONPI against him are from the beginning and the end of July this year.

“24 Chasa” expects answers to the case from the Embassy of Ukraine in Bulgaria because of the strange case in which the state recognizes Brando only as their citizen, but before the official institutions in our country he continues to present himself as a Bulgarian and has not applied for renunciation of citizenship.



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