Hyundai’s smallest electric car in the world

We can see a first glimpse of the Hyundai’s smallest electric car, In fact, the company wanted to reveal some unpublished images of the vehicle by publishing photos and an official video showing its unique and innovative structure.

This is an electric car super compact, the style of the unprecedented bodywork is based on the concept car ’45’, a car we have already talked about, which recently won an important design award, along with two other concepts of the brand.

The ’45’ was presented by Hyundai for the first time last year, at the very famous Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA). Hyundai designers adapted the distinctive ‘kinetic cube lamp’ design of the ’45’ prototype headlights, along with its angular yet fluid profile, to create this small electric, the smallest in the world for the brand, which still does not have a name and which comes with a Performance Blue body color and orange details. Truly unique and exceptional, which fully reflects the style of Hyundai’s latest concept cars.

Source: Hyundai Press Office

The small Hyundai EV is equipped with two DC motors that are able to push it up to the electrifying top speed of 7 km / h. The sentence we read in Hyundai’s official press release makes us smile: “Only the bravest spirits will get behind the wheel of this racing car”. To give the right boost of confidence to those behind the wheel, the Hyundai designers wanted to be inspired by the world of motorsport, placing a single seat in the center of the car.

As we have already said, the House wanted to keep faith with the design of concept car ’45’, a futuristic tribute to the brand’s icon Pony Coupe Concept. The true anticipation of a new era for Hyundai design focused on electrification, autonomous technologies and intelligent solutions. Monocoque body, aerodynamic and lightweight design inspired by the airplanes of the 1920s. The 45 ° angles characterize the front and rear, creating a diamond-shaped silhouette. Hyundai, in creating its smallest EV, built the model using a traditional eco-friendly material, wood. The new electric does not yet have official driving range, but the driver’s laughter is believed to be able to power it through Emotion Adaptive Vehicle Control (EAVC) technology.

They will soon be revealed further details how this one-of-a-kind EV will offer a unique mobility experience to younger customers.


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