Hyundai Stargazer continues to spread charm, this is the estimated price for the Avanza and Xpander challengers

Hyundai Indonesia

Hyundai shows off the exterior and interior of the Stargazer

Otomotifnet.comHyundai Stargazer keep spreading the charm, now you have to guess the price estimate from the Avanza and Xpander challengers.

Previously the Hyundai Stargazer stole the attention from the outside or the exterior.

Hyundai Stargazer has an attractive face that has a typology concept Sleek One Box.

It makes you more curious when you look at the most iconic part, namely on Horizontal DRL and Distinctive H Rear Lamp which completes the look of the front and rear of the car that is increasingly beautiful.

On the back, this MPV is also decorated with Distinctive H Rear Lamp which emphasizes that the Stargazer is a signature product of Hyundai.

Hyundai really understands the wishes of Indonesian families.

The Stargazer is specially designed to suit the characteristics of the Indonesian people.

In addition to an attractive exterior appearance, the interior of the Hyundai Stargazer presents a design that prioritizes practicality and is also functional in every part.

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Taillight with Distinctive H Rear Lamp design

Hyundai Indonesia

Taillight with Distinctive H Rear Lamp design

The interior that is a dream for families, Stargaze offers Multifunctional Storage Space which is the main concept applied in interior designing.

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