Hyundai Motor Company, Apple and Electric Vehicle Joint Development Discussion Early Stage

8Foreign media reports that Apple, which makes iPhones in Japan, is fully engaged in the development of self-driving electric vehicles, heated the market..

Apple’s so-called Apple carThey are considering ways to cooperate with Hyundai Motor Company in the development process.. CNBCIn an article from Singapore Apple is in multilateral consultations with global automakers, including Hyundai, but the dialogue with Hyundai is in its infancy and nothing has been decided..”Reported.

Prior to this, the Korea Economic Daily reported a related report that the two companies are jointly promoting not only electric vehicle production but also battery development..a series of Hyundai Motor’s stock price jumped on the news this day..

Apple past 2014Since Project titanHas been seeking to enter the automobile market under the name of Iran..Then, for a while, business promotion seemed to be quiet, but recently 2024Self-driving electric vehicle aiming for the year, So-called Apple carThe market was shaken with reports that it was going into production in earnest..

Apple declined to comment on such reports, but Hyundai Motor Company did not deny Apple’s proposal for cooperation. A number of companies are receiving requests for cooperation in joint development related to autonomous electric vehicles.Said.but Nothing was decided in the early stagesSaid that.

Apple’s specific proposal is unknown,, Cooperate with existing manufacturers in production technology such as parts and assembly,, Apple is analyzed as a strategy to develop an autonomous driving system that utilizes its strengths..

Currently, the global electric vehicle market is based on sales volume. 1Hugo Hyundai·Kia Motors 4Above level. In the future, attention is paid to how the electric car market will change if Apple and Hyundai Motors come together.

Photo = Hyundai Motor Company

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