Hyundai Launches Ioniq 6 – World Launch: Here’s Ioniq 6

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(Elbil24): Hyundai is experiencing great success with the crossover / SUV Ioniq 5 a day. So far this year, it is in fourth place among newly registered cars in Norway.

In addition, a large number of all-electric Kona and Ioniq are still sold, both of which have been on the market for several years.

New member of the Ioniq family

But it is the new Ioniq family that is most important for Hyundai now, and today the first pictures of the next member of the electric car family are released, and it has been named Ioniq 6.

– This is a completely different car than the Ioniq 5, which is aimed at a different – and perhaps younger audience that values ​​sustainability and efficiency, says Simon Loasby to Elbil24. He is the leader of Hyundai’s global team of designers, and has worked with Ioniq 6 from the first line on the drawing board over three years ago.

Simon Loasby is the global leader of Hyundai's team of designers.  Photo: Hyundai

Simon Loasby is the global leader of Hyundai’s team of designers. Photo: Hyundai
sea ​​view

– At the same time, there are many design elements that connect the cars in the Ioniq family visually, such as the pixelated lights at the front and rear, he says.

On the inside, you will also recognize the screens and controls from Ioniq 5, and if you disregard the body itself, the cars share most of the technical solutions.

The legacy of Prophecy

Already in March 2020, Hyundai presented the concept image Prophecy Concept, which in practice became the first taste of the Ioniq 6. As expected, the design has become less rude in the production-ready car, but the similarities with Prophecy are also many.

The Ioniq 6 has become a large mid-range sedan with a design that will make it easily recognizable when it appears on the roads, with its low front and “ducktail” rear end. Especially from the rear, it has a sporty, vibrant design, with a number of details that will ensure the least possible air resistance.

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– Ioniq 6 has got the most aerodynamic design in Hyundai’s history, says Loasby, while addressing the details that have made it possible to create a body with an air resistance of just over 0.20 Cd.

Elbil24 was included in a review of the design elements of Loasby, which you can see in the video above.

Pretty big sedan

Ioniq 6 is 4.85 meters long, ie over 20 centimeters longer than Ioniq 5. It is 1.88 meters wide and just under 1.5 meters high. The car is a sedan with a traditional boot lid, not a tailgate as many might expect from a car with this design.

The cabin is quite spacious, and there is plenty of room for two adults of 1.80 at the back, without the head banging on the ceiling or the knees banging on the front seats. The front seats also offer the same resting position with footstool, as on Ioniq 5.

The material choices are very timely, with a strong focus on recycling and reuse. The carpet is, for example, made of old fishing nets, and the seats are upholstered in a material made from recycled plastic bottles. The shelves in the doors use plastic that is partially transparent and illuminated with self-chosen colors, so you can easily see what is lying there.

In front of the steering wheel and in the center console are two 12-inch screens, of which the one in the center console is touch-sensitive, as on the Ioniq 5 and Kia EV6.

Built on the same last

Like the two cars mentioned, the Ioniq 6 is also built on the E-GMP platform from Hyundai. This means, among other things, long wheelbase (2.95 meters on Ioniq 6), operation on two or four wheels, and support for 800V charging.

In terms of battery size, it is expected that Ioniq 6 will also be delivered with the same 77.4 kWh battery, which on Ioniq 5 with drive on the rear wheels gives a WLTP range of just over 50 miles. What will be the official range of the corresponding Ioniq 6, no one at Hyundai wants to tell us at the moment, but given the low air resistance, we are not surprised if it will be somewhere between 55 and 60 miles.

More details about the Ioniq 6 will be released in the near future, and Elbil24 will of course tell you everything as soon as we receive official information from Hyundai.

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