Hyundai introduces the Seven concept, a study of an electric SUV with a sofa

Hyundai has brought the Seven concept to AutoMobility LA in Los Angeles, which indicates what the upcoming electric SUV will look like.

The study is based on the E-GMP (Electric-Global Modular Platform), which impresses with its minimalist design and is said to offer an extremely spacious interior.

Behind the air cabin is mainly a wheelbase, which reaches 3.2 meters. And a flat floor, an element that is typical of electric cars, also helps. It was the flat floor that inspired the designers to create an interior with an unusual seating arrangement.

In connection with the design, Hyundai speaks of an aerodynamically clean silhouette, minimalist shapes, a wide-spread stance and a dominant appearance. Of interest are the wheels with integrated active air flaps, which extend and retract depending on the need for brake cooling or low aerodynamic air resistance. And headlights with parametric pixels will certainly attract attention.

The interiors were designed with the vision of autonomous mobility in mind. The driver’s seat carries a retractable hand lever, which hides when not needed. Inside you will also find a slim instrument panel with integrated displays.

And because studies looking to an autonomous future may not have the usual controls, Hyundai could have arranged the cabin into a lounge. So there are swivel chairs, which are complemented by a sofa resembling a piece of furniture. The equipment then includes, for example, a small refrigerator and special “compartments” that clean and polish the passengers’ shoes.

The glass roof carries a panoramic OLED display, which not only displays different contents depending on the hobbies of the passengers, but also changes the overall atmosphere in the interior.

Hyundai tried to use as many materials as recycled or from renewable sources in the cabin, such as bamboo wood, bio-resin or copper. The body is painted with organic varnish.

The pandemic situation seems to be behind the new concept of the ventilation system, which is said to separate the flowing air between the front and rear passengers, thus preventing mutual infection between passengers. The equipment also includes a germicidal sterilization UVC emitter.

In terms of technology, Hyundai talks about a projected range of more than 483 kilometers and fast charging from a 350 kW charger: recharging from 10 to 80 percent of battery capacity is said to take 20 minutes. However, we do not know other parameters of the electric drive system.

Hyundai Seven is, of course, primarily a design concept that represents a certain view of the brand’s electrical future. In serial form, the study should become an Ioniq 7 electric car.

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