Hypoxia Symptoms Cases Occur in Central Java, the Health Office immediately records

Merdeka.com – The Central Java Health Office found new symptoms of happy hypoxia in a number of areas such as Semarang, Solo and Banyumas. Meanwhile, cases of hypoxia can make patients experience sudden death.

“Hypoxia symptom cases have been around for a long time when Covid-19 broke out. It’s just that, at that time the death case in Banyumas was our concern,” said Head of the Central Java Health Service, Yulianto Prabowo, Friday (4/9).

He revealed that Covid-19 patients who experience hypoxia do not show symptoms. However, suddenly his oxygen level decreased so he experienced shortness of breath. This case occurred in Banyumas, where there were 3 Covid-19 patients who had died.

“People who experience hypoxia do not have clear symptoms. However, their lungs are actually damaged. Hence, it is often called silent hypoxia,” he explained.

From the investigation by the Central Java Health Office, hypoxia cases were also found in hospitals where the patient mortality rate was quite high. However, at this time, he could not specifically explain the case of happy hypoxia in Central Java.

“We have just collected data from the referral hospitals that handle this case. There are only three hospitals that collect. Later, when we have collected everything, we will announce it,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Governor of Central Java, Ganjar Pranowo, asked all covid-19 referral hospitals in his region to identify any hypoxia symptoms in treated patients. This is because patients who experience symptoms of hypoxia can cause unconsciousness to death for patients suffering from Covid-19.

“We ask all hospitals to check the number of patients with hypoxia symptoms at the Central Java level,” said Ganjar Pranowo. [ded]



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