Hyper Scape relies on its battle royale settings to differentiate itself from other games in the genre

In a chat with Chris Pope, Game Designer at Hyper Scape, we reviewed the main axes of the proposal.

Even though that him battle royale It is one of the most popular genres on the market, success is not guaranteed within it. Recently 3DJuegos had the opportunity to interview Chris Pope, Game Designer de Hyper Scape, who we asked about what they considered as main differentiator of his proposal among all titles of the genre.

“From the beginning we thought of three pillars to do it the fastest, urban and free-flowing game among battle royale“he commented, explaining in depth those three areas in which the team sought to innovate within the genre.

Hyper Scape is committed to verticality, simplification of some battle royale systems and a distinctive closure of the map as differentiating axes.A first pillar would be the Neo Arcadia city design as a completely urban map in which the verticality. “The action between the rooftops, the skyscrapers, the great verticality changes what can be experienced in a battle royale, it is something very powerful,” said the designer.

He second pillar would be the adjustments to the core mechanics of the battle royale that according to Pope they looked for simplify some elements of the game, but also add depth to others. Among these adjustments, he mentioned the integration of sistema de hacks that allows taking active skills directly from the battlefield instead of using character classes, accompanied by this addition also highlighted the fusion system as a simplification factor in which both weapons and hacks are leveled up by taking multiple identical copies instead of the player having to manage their inventory, he explained.

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A third pillar would be the way the map closes Forgetting popular circles in the genre in favor of the dissolution of sectors of the city, they match the urban approach of the proposal. According to Pope this way of reducing the size of the map not only serves to generate interesting patterns, but is also novel when dissolve all buildings gradually, thus leaving players without coverage.

The developer also highlighted other elements of the game as its peculiar system to revive allies in which the fallen players remain on the map like ghosts, being able to help their allies with the communication of everything that happens around them and return to the fight as many times as they can when they find restoration points. The designer also spoke of a game extension for Twitch that allows live viewers to interact and influence the events of the game through their votes.

Image of Hyper Scape

Chris Pope says that they are currently working hard both in new modes like in narrative additions to enrich the proposal. During our interview the developer commented that the weapon balance is something they have high priority in the studio and that it applies very differently for the PC and console versions, also commenting that they are being careful in areas such as targeting assistance when playing with control.

Will the changes that Ubisoft has made be enough to stand out from the rest of the games in the genre? That will be a question that the community will have to answer and that will be reflected in the statistics that the game records in the coming weeks, for now we remind you that if your proposal catches your attention, this week its first season started and can be played completely free at PC, Xbox and PS4. In other game-related news, Chris Pope also discussed with us about the presence of Notre Dame Cathedral on the map.

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