Hyowon Seo looks like a self-contained prison in China Dumplings come out like an old boy

‘Playing Sister’ Seo Hyo-won / Photo = E channel

Table tennis player Seo Hyo-won confided about the Chinese self-isolation facility, “I thought it was a prison.”

Seo Hyo-won, who appeared on the E-channel’Playing Sister’, aired on the 12th, shared his feelings of participating in the international competition amid the new coronavirus infection (Corona 19).

Seo Hyo-won, who arrived in China, where the competition was held, explained that he received special care.

Seo Hyo-won said, “I had to do a corona test to get on the plane, and as soon as I got off, only those who played table tennis were treated separately.”

In principle, they had to be quarantined for two weeks, but Seo Hyo-won and the athletes said they were in a room full of exercise equipment for a week.

Seo Hyo-won confided, “I had a corona test every 3 days and took my temperature every day. I thought it was a prison. Like’Old Boy’. There were dumplings.”

Seo Hyo-won, who was self-quarantine after coming to Korea, hinted that she gained weight, saying, “There is too much to eat.”

Reporter Kim Ye-rang [email protected]

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