Hyloris takes a cautious start on the Brussels stock exchange

Small investors in particular eagerly subscribed to the first Belgian stock market debut in a year and a half.

The first Belgian newcomer to the Brussels stock exchange in a year and a half has taken a cautious start: Hyloris rose shortly after the opening bell to 11.15 euros, 3.7 percent above the subscription price of 10.75 euros, but is now virtually stable.

The subscription price gave Hyloris a stock market value of 253 million euros. This can increase if an over-allotment option is exercised in which the accompanying bankers create additional shares. With the operation, Hyloris achieves a minimum of 62 and a maximum of 71 million euros (with an over-allotment option).

The subscription price was exactly in the middle of the initial price range of 10 to 11.50 euros. In the course of the IPO, the price range was narrowed to 10.75 to 11.50 euros.


We went through the 228 pages prospectus for you and list here what you need to know about Hyloris.

CEO Stijn Van Rompay was allowed to ring the opening bell. Small investors are already welcoming him: they subscribed to 18.4 percent of the shares sold. That is twice as much as the minimum share of 10 percent. Immediately an indication of the regained appetite for the fair, especially among young people (the Robinhoods).

High yield, low risk

Series entrepreneur Stijn Van Rompay founded the pharmaceutical company six years ago. Hyloris hardly makes any sales. In the first quarter of 2020 it was 63,000 euros, according to the prospectus. Two products are approved and ready to launch. Compared to a traditional biotech company, the losses are relatively smaller because Hyloris does not have to conduct expensive research into medicines.

The company starts from patent-pending medicines to make new dosage forms or to develop new, better-acting medicines with a mix of existing molecules. Nevertheless, the prospectus warns that the road to profitability is uncertain, even if the name stands for ‘High yield, low risk’.

Read the interview with founder Stijn Van Rompay here.

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