Hvězda Ulice and Professor Eva Hacurová: Two requests for a hand!

Fortunately for Kryštof, it was only a scene from the series and he can be sure that Eva’s heart is beating only for him and they can continue planning a non-traditional wedding ceremony. The couple plans to have a wedding at the Theater in Dlouhá, of which the actress has been a member for more than five years. “My fiancé almost grew up in this theater and I have been engaged there for five years. It was a logical decision that we immediately agreed on. In addition, getting married in the theater has been my dream since childhood, “ the future bride revealed.

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Unfortunately, they will not have time to say their “yes” within a year and a day. “Due to the pandemic, we finally decided to wait. There were a lot of couples who interrupted weddings, limited the number of guests, postponed dates, and we don’t want that. It’s worth the wait. “ said Hacur. It is said that she was very surprised by the request for a hand from Kryštof. “It was on Christmas Eve last year at home under a tree. He knelt down, which surprised me. I like romantic gestures, so I appreciated it. “ the actress confided.

Big acting family

At the wedding, Eva joins the acting family. Her father-in-law will be a colleague from the Dlouhá Theater, actor and drummer Jan Vondráček (55), known for example from the series I, Matonni (2016). Kryštof’s brother Vojta (27), who excelled in the role of a psychopath in the film Stockholm Syndrome (2020), then became his brother-in-law.

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