Husband wore corona – dressed as his wife to travel

The domestic flight went from the Indonesian capital Jakarta to Ternate. The man was allowed to board the plane by wearing a niqab, in addition he brought his wife’s ID papers and her negative corona test.

On board the plane, the man chose to change the toilet. A pilot was shocked that the man had then taken off his niqab and came out of the toilet with men’s clothes on, writes CNN.

The airport police in Ternate were thus notified, and the man was taken care of after landing. An on-site health worker performed a coronal test on the man, and it turned out to be positive.

– He will be monitored by officers in the special group while he is in isolation, says operations manager Muhammad Arif Gani, according to CNN.

The man now risks being prosecuted.

There is currently a strong wave of infections in Indonesia.

Photo: Screenshot / Worldometer



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