Husband in Padang Flushes Wife with Hot Oil of Gegara Tik-Tok


A husband on Padang, West Sumatra desperate to water his wife with hot oil. The person concerned is angry because his wife is always playing the Tik-Tok application.

A woman named Elda Yurianti came to the Padang Police with blisters on her face and wrists, Thursday (5/11/2020). She complained about her husband’s behavior, Didi Irwanto, to the Women and Children Service Unit (PPA) of the Padang Police.

“The incident was around half past four in the morning. I was sleeping, did not know that suddenly it was watered,” said the victim in his report.

She felt that her husband was annoyed, because she often saw him playing Tik-Tok. Elda admitted that he often played Tik Tok to sell clothes. Because he often delivers orders and is contacted by consumers, the Koban husband ends up burning with jealousy.

“Yes, because he was jealous,” added Elda.

“Whereas (Tik-Tok) not all bodies appear, only faces. Sometimes people call, my husband always says that he is not another man. He is jealous of his people, and his siblings are jealous,” she explained.

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