Husband hides a camera to catch a dermatologist’s wife secretly mixing “pipe cleaner” in a drink.

Irvine City Police California arrests Yue Emily Yu dermatologist On Aug. 4, after her husband Jack Chen filed a complaint of drug abuse. causing his health to deteriorate for unknown reasons.hidden camera in the house Therefore, video clips were taken as evidence leading to his wife’s arrest.

Police interrogated Dr Yu and searched her home, then detained her at the Orange County Jail. California, the next day, was granted $30,000 bail. Chen is currently treating an internal organ injury. But expect to be healed Police said the case was a family matter. There was no reason for the patient to worry about Doctor Yu’s actions.

Yu, 45, attended medical school at the University of Washington. St. Louis, Missouri is a dermatologist. Has 12 years of treatment experience living with Chen, who isradiologist 10 years, living in a $2.7 million house at Irvine They have two children, a 7 year old son and an 8 year old daughter.

on the day of his arrest The police did not reveal many details, but the latest still released from a camera in the home’s kitchen. that the husband used to accompany the request for the court to issue an order forbidding her from approaching In the petition stated that He was a victim of domestic violence. The court temporarily barred his wife from approaching and scheduled a hearing for a permanent order on Aug. 18.

same day Chen also filed for divorce from his wife. and ask for the right to take care of both children solely He accused the mother of the child. hurt the child verbally body and mind

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In the divorce papers, Chen stated that Wives often use sleep deprivation as a way to punish their children. If the children fall asleep without her permission, even after 11 p.m., she will wake them up and order them to enter her room. before closing the door loudly and makes your child cry. When angry, she will yell at you. using Chinese words mixed with coarse words such as Go and die, your brain has a problem, your brain is sick, your brain is retarded, you’re stupid and go away.

Husband also stated that The wife’s behavior is worrying. One time she ordered him to give her a massage. But he couldn’t because he was sick. She stepped on his head until he agreed.

for anesthesia Expected to start in March He noticed that his favorite warm lemon water had a chemical smell. Internal injuries were evident last month. The doctor found that he hadTwo stomach ulcers gastritis and esophagitis heSuspecting his wife, he secretly installed a camera in the kitchen. This photo, filed with documents, shows Yu picking up a bottle of Drano pipe cleaner under the sink. and pour it into a cup

police said Chen had been to the doctor since the onset of abnormalities. But it can’t reveal details about what toxins were detected in the bloodstream or not, but it seems.Medication has been going on for a while. The motive is still being investigated, while Dr. Yu’s lawyer Confirmed as allegations made up and is an attempt to create an advantage in filing for divorce and child custody

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