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Husband Claims to Have Covid-19 to Wife So that he Can Stay with an Affair



Suara.com – A man on India desperate to lie by calling himself infected corona virus covid-19 and is dying to his wife, in order to be able to go together lover dark.

Adapt Times of India, Thursday (9/17/2020), this 28-year-old man from Navi Mumbai made up a story to leave his wife.

Later, his play was uncovered when he was found in good health and living in the city of Indore with another woman.

The incident started when this man confessed to his wife that he was positive for the coronavirus and “will die.”

He told this hoax on a phone call. After that, he immediately switched off his cellphone.

Cheating illustration. (Shutterstock)

The next day, his brother-in-law found this man’s motorbike abandoned on Vashi Street, along with the ignition key, helmet, briefcase, and wallet.

Worried, the wife’s family immediately made a missing person report in order to find the man.

The search operation was immediately carried out. The police toured Covid-19 testing laboratories all over the city, up to along the Vashi river, making sure he didn’t do anything bad and end his life out of despair.

The police inspector involved in the search, Sanjeev Dhumal, said his agency was also tracking cellphones and found little evidence.

“Last week, we traced the location of the telephone in Indore,” said Dhumal.

After that, the police began to sniff out something was wrong and they found the man involved in an affair.

“We know that he has committed an affair,” he explained.

The search was extended to Indore, and sure enough, the man was in good health with another woman.

Police said he had rented the place after changing his identity. This man was later arrested and brought back to Navi Mumbai on Wednesday (16/9).

“We left him in his wife’s custody,” Dhumal said.

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