Hurricane Sally is raging in Florida. Part of the bridge was broken by the wind

Another hurricane this year hit the US coast on Wednesday (September 16). Sally is causing flooding, and in Pensacola, Florida, he has broken off part of a road bridge. On the south coast of the United States, more than half a million homes are without electricity.

Hurricane Sally was accompanied by a wind speed of 160 km / h and local flooding in southern Alabama and west Florida. As the front advanced north, the wind weakened. Today Sally is no longer a hurricane but a tropical storm.

For two days, Sally was moving slowly (about 3 kilometers per hour) close to the south coast of the USA. Due to its relative static nature, the hurricane will bring “catastrophic and life-threatening floods,” warned the US National Center for Hurricanes (NHC) before it hit the land.

In many places in Alabama and Florida, Sally was accompanied by heavy rainfall which caused flooding.

Pensacola, Florida, city center was largely flooded; some streets look like streams and the water covers almost all passenger cars. Violent gusts of wind also destroyed the road bridge. On a beach in Orange Beach, Alabama, the element swept part of the pier.

In the south of the USA, over 500,000 premises do not have access to electricity, including over 200,000 in Alabama – about one tenth of electricity consumers in this state.

As the wind weakened, the front accelerated and is now moving north at a speed of about 8 kilometers per hour.

Sally is already the 18th storm to form in the Atlantic this year, and the eighth with the severity of a hurricane or tropical storm to hit the US this year. As meteorologists note, 2020 is a record year for the number of storms in the Atlantic.

At the end of August, Hurricane Laura hit the border between Louisiana and Texas, reaching the fourth category on the Saffir-Simpson five-point scale. Six people died as a result of the disaster in Louisiana.

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