Hunziker Tells Pio and Amedeo: “Eros Ramazzotti and I Had a Few ‘Recalls’…”

«Well sometimes yes, I ed Eros Ramazzotti we did a few “recalls”. But like this, out of politeness». Michelle Hunziker he answered like this Pius and Amedeoduring the programme Happy Eveningwho asked her about the relationship with her ex “in moments of singleness”.

“What is the secret of your friendship?” the two comedians made their debut last night. “We love each other. We have a daughter and we are becoming grandparents, then I like harmony» Hunziker initially replied, who made no secret of hoping for a similar situation also with Tomaso Trussardi.

«The greatest investment that one can make in one’s life is to recognize that the parental relationship is a great gift and that one must invest in it. It takes time but I hope it’s the same with Tomaso: being able to love each other and understand that beautiful things must be saved is my goal. It’s natural for me » he had said to Renato Franco.

Sui call back with Eros Ramazzotti, however, he then clarified: «It’s not true come on! Among other things, Eros is now also in love and engaged».

The former couple have a daughter, Aurora, who is expecting a child.

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