Hungarian elbows, the anti-Lewandowski – Polish newspaper review plays with us

A Sports Overview according to the Polish national team will be for an hour “Made a terrible impression in Budapest”, he didn’t hit the gate for a long time. Meanwhile, the defense “brought together” Sallai’s lead (criticism of Szczęsny’s ​​poor position and Bednarek’s speed was also criticized). “It was bad to look at the weakness of the Polish players and the strength of the Hungarians,” they write. They add that the Polish national team has not scored three goals since October 2018 and a match against Portugal, which can only be happy with the result after the match in Budapest.

The paper also pulled a slip of water on Federal Captain Paulo Sousa a bit, giving the coach a 5 rating, saying the Portuguese worsened when, for example, rookie Michal Helik was given a chance in the middle of the defense. It was written in his favor, however, that he also realized his mistake and his substitutions brought his team back into the match. As for the players, Helik and Bednarek, the two starting middle defenders, got the weakest scores (3), while the second goal scorer, Jozwiak, got the best (7).

Lewandowski earned a rating of 6 on the portal: “For 80 minutes it wasn’t the captain’s match – the Hungarian defenders jumped on him quickly, didn’t give him territory, most of the time he was tied up in melee (and sometimes in ground fighting like before the second goal), sometimes treated with elbows. But he didn’t give up and he gets recognition for the equalizing goal. ” – they write about the class of Bayern.

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A Sports Facts he saw the Polish players testify to their character in a real crisis situation, in a match that brought a real thriller. They point out that the almost 60-minute crisis was also difficult for Robert Lewandowski to bear. “He was extremely irritated by what happened, you could also hear from the stand how he shouts at his comrades, why they don’t fit him. In addition, the rival treated him quite harshly, he also got an elbow on his head, and Lewandowski had a hard time getting over it. He also had a discussion about this with the judge before the break as they went to the locker room. ” They added the judgment also taken by Paulo Sousa in connection with the Poles.

They also note that Sousa’s half-time speech also appeared to have been completely ineffective, with Poles starting the second half as badly as finishing the first. Regarding the goal of Ádám Szalai, it is written:

The whole defense fell behind him, so he hit Szczęsny’s gate. Szalai Lewandowski is the perfect opposite, he is the least effective striker in the Bundesliga, not found in the league since December 2019. And he expected even more for his national team hit

Ádám Szalai about the Polish match: “There was a little more in this now” – it would help the national team towards the end of his career

In Poland Eurosport He writes of a “two-faced match” that first brought mistakes, complete defensive turmoil, unimaginativeness, and then a resurrection from the Polish side. “Neither we nor the Hungarians have a very good team. This evening was not about parade solutions, but about nightmare-like bucks. For us, the end means that we lost points, because we went to Budapest to win, not for the sake of it. ” They say. They also note that they think Fiola should have been issued earlier by the referee because he had several fouls that would have reached a second yellow.

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The portal also quotes Robert Lewandowski, who was surprised by many things on the field.

We also lacked the real will to score in the first half, but in the second half we dared to take risks, especially after our second goal. However, we have been given three, so there is room for improvement in this area. But compared to how little time we spent together, I didn’t think so much of everything would come together. It is not yet possible to expect certain automatisms from the team, such as that a teammate is actually where we discussed it. One match is not enough for this, but we hope that next time it will be better. For a very long time, however, I hadn’t seen one so we could get back on my feet. Getting three goals is unacceptable, but our equalization shows that we are able to fight to the end The striker who scored the third goal added.

The Interia Sport writes that only statistics speak in favor of Poles (“According to this, ours was the better team, in some elements we crushed the opponent with reality”), but in fact they only ran for a long time after the result.

A Radio Turn According to the Polish exchanges, they changed the image of the match in Hungary, in a match characterized by a shower of goals and serious emotions.

A Polsat Sport he said it would be better to forget the first half, and Paulo Sousa woke up on the bench after 0-2, then his substitutions would bring hope back to the Poles in a minute.

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The Onet According to him, this was not the first match for the Poles and Sousa that they expected, moreover, for an hour then, it seemed they could get out for the first time in the first match of a qualifying series in the XXI. century. “New coach, old problems” – according to the paper, the shortcomings of the defense and the passivity of the offensive game will also give the Portuguese many tasks.

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