Hundreds of rescues in southern Italy due to severe weather | NOW

Several places in southern Italy were flooded this weekend due to heavy rainfall. The Italian fire brigade had to turn out hundreds of times, among other things to free people who were trapped in cars and houses due to the high water.

Around the town of Crotone in the southern Italian region of Calabria, inflatable boats and amphibious vehicles had to be deployed so that relief workers could free the people. A bridge collapsed in the municipality of Melissa, no one was injured.

The storm also flooded several roads. The fire brigade spoke of 200 rescue operations since the start of the heavy rains, which had already caused many emergency calls on Saturday.

Large amounts of rain are expected again on Monday in Sicily, Calabria and Campania.

Emergency workers drive a tractor on flooded roads in Crotone. (Photo: ANP)


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