Hundreds of people demonstrate on Dam Square for the right to abortion


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Hundreds of people demonstrated for the right to abortion on Dam Square in Amsterdam. It was the second time in two months that the demonstrators gathered in the capital.

The immediate cause for the protest was the decision of the US Supreme Court that the federal abortion law be abolished. That means that states in the US can now decide for themselves whether they allow abortion. This decision led to dozens of demonstrations and angry reactions from Democrats in particular. President Biden called the decision “a big mistake“.

The activists on Dam Square expressed their disgust at the decision in the US:


Pro-abortion demonstration on Dam Square: ‘Abortion still relevant’

In the Netherlands, abortion is becoming more accessible. This is partly due to the abolition of the mandatory reflection period and the possibility to get the abortion pill from the general practitioner. About 30,000 women choose to have an abortion every year.

criminal law

Activists on Dam Square also argued that abortion should not be punished in any way and that it should be completely removed from the Criminal Code.

The activists carried placards with texts such as ‘Glad I’m not born in the USA’ and ‘My body, my choice’. According to the municipality there was a calm atmosphere.

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