Hundreds of new high school graduates “excluded” from the dedicated platform

Students excluded for non-payment of registration fees

Many see their future on the verge of being mortgaged. The baccalaureate in hand, these new baccalaureate holders risk not continuing their higher studies, for lack of 25,000 francs to pay on time, the registration fees on the dedicated platform.

The reasons are therefore mostly economic.

Indeed, according to a bachelor who wanted to remain anonymous, “it is not given to everyone to raise 25,000 francs all at once”.

Seneweb was made aware of the situation of these young people by a citizen who visited the Ministry of Higher Education. Indeed, the gentleman in question claims to have found nearly 300 exemption requests.

Subsequently, we contacted the ministry’s mail manager by phone who told us that these exemption requests exist, without advancing a figure. This proves that several people are in the same situation as our baccalaureate. On the phone, the young woman told us that she would only like one thing: to have the opportunity to continue her registration in order to continue her studies.

As a reminder, all oriented baccalaureate holders must pay registration fees of 25,000 francs. These young people, not registered until now, do not despair of seeing the Ministry of Higher Education come to their aid.

Author: Absa Hane –


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