Hundreds of GPUs for Bitcoin Mining are Smuggled into China


Hong Kong government customs confiscated 300 artificial GPUs Nvidia who will be smuggled into China using a fishing boat.

The confiscated GPU does not have a video output port, which means that the GPU is included in the category of CMP or cryptocurrency mining processor, aka GPU which is intended for mining crypto currency, aka bitcoin.

It is possible that the confiscated CMP GPU is a CMP 30HX variant. The reason is that so far only two CMP variants have been released, namely the CMP 30HX and 40HX. However, only the 30HX variant has been sold to the market, as quoted by detikINET from Techspot, Wednesday (7/4/2021).

These smugglers began to be monitored for their suspicious activity, namely loading goods on fishing boats. When raided, this smuggling gang managed to escape to Chinese waters using a high-speed boat.

Even so, the items to be smuggled were successfully confiscated. Apart from the GPU CMP, Hong Kong customs also confiscated a variety of exotic foods, gadgets and cell phones. The confiscated technological goods were valued at around USD 257 thousand or around Rp. 3.7 billion.

It is not surprising that the GPU to mine this cryptocurrency is being smuggled in. These GPU prices are currently towering due to high demand and limited stock, plus popularity cryptocurrency which continues to rise, it is likely that the price of that component will also continue to increase.

Nvidia released GPU CMP some time ago as their solution to overcome the scarcity of GPUs for gaming. Because all this time GPU gaming has become scarce because cryptocurrency miners have bought into stock.

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For this reason, Nvidia released an update that made their GPU no longer optimal for mining. Instead they released the GPU CMP, which was devoted to cryptocurrency miners.

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