Hundreds of Chinese Fishing Vessels Sailing To Plunder Its Sea Products, Chile’s Coast Guard is on Full Alert – All Pages

Sosok.IDChina started its expansion across the continent.

After rummaging through the seas of Southeast Asia, now China continue its Illegal Fishing activities to South America.

Its main target is water Chile the rich will fish Tuna.

Beijing then deployed hundreds of fishing vessels fish to plunder seafood Chile.

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The Chilean government is paying full attention to the presence of a fishing fleet along the Pacific waters around South America.

Chilean Foreign Minister Andres Allamand, on Thursday (8/10) said the Chilean Ministry of Defense and Navy was monitoring Chinese ships to protect the sovereignty of the exclusive economic zone (EEZ).

“Their (Chinese) fleet consists of about 300 ships crossing the Pacific Ocean, often reaching Peru,” Allamand was quoted as saying Reuters.

The ships, he said, caught giant squid near the Galapagos Islands off the coast of Ecuador.

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The Chilean foreign minister said that Chilean officials had not made contact with the Chinese government. He said the ships that had arrived were also private and some, possibly, state owned.

Last month, the presence of hundreds of Chinese fishing vessels angered the domestic fishing industry in Peru, and even triggered a Twitter war between the US and Chinese governments.

The US Embassy in Lima said in September that Chinese ships had a history of avoiding tracking and apparently dumping plastic waste.

The Chinese have denied the allegations and called on Peru not to be swayed by false news.

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The Chinese Embassy replied that they attach great importance to protecting the environment and the sea.

“We hope that the Peruvian public is not deceived by false information,” wrote the Chinese Embassy via Twitter.

Chile’s long territorial waters in the Pacific indeed offer abundant fish and shellfish resources. These waters are an important source of income for fishermen across the country.

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