Humpback in panties showed huge belly

The actress had to make excuses for her big belly in front of the followers.

Maria Gorban. Photo:

Pregnant Maria Gorban flew to Miami, where she decided to give birth to her second child from her husband Kirill Zotkin. Recall that in a former marriage with the illuminator Oleg Filatov, she had a daughter, Stephanie.

In the meantime, the time for the baby’s birth has not come, the star of the TV series “Kitchen” enjoys relaxing on local beaches. As before pregnancy, Masha Gorban actively takes pictures in a bikini and uploads pictures to her personal blog without hesitation.

Her last frame he puzzled the audience a lot – Maria’s belly grew too quickly. Many suspected that the artist was expecting twins, well, or a hero. And someone saw that her belly dropped down a little. And, of course, there were a lot of questions about her pregnancy.

Masha Gorban decided to answer all the questions at once, capturing her belly in close-up and describing her parameters for today.

“For everyone who is worried. I am 9 months pregnant. I gained 16 kg with a 7 breast size and a height of 172 cm. My stomach did not go down, so we sleep well, ”Gorban wrote on Instagram.

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