Humans could be living on the moon in 2030

The appearance of the moon in the sky over the city of Bandar Lampung on Sunday night, June 27, 2021. Isworo

Jakarta ( — The United States Space Agency (NASA) has revealed that humans may have a long life on the Moon in 2030. Although the scientific community has long considered the Moon uninhabitable for humans, NASA’s success in sending the spacecraft Artemis I opened the door for people to live on the Moon.

Howard Hu, a NASA researcher and Orion program manager, told the BBC that Artemis I was a long step towards space exploration. Not only useful for the United States but also for the world community.

This will certainly facilitate the possibility of space exploration. NASA hopes humans can start building colonies or settlements on the Moon in the 2030s.

“In this decade we will be able to put many people on the moon for a long time. Depending on how long they stay on the surface of the moon. They will be able to have somewhere to live and they will have special vehicles there,” said Howard Hu, who leads the program of the Orion lunar probe for NASA, quoted by, on Friday, November 25, 2022.

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According to Hu, NASA’s Artemis program will build a lunar gateway. The place is shaped like a special station where astronauts can live and work on the moon.

The gate will later orbit the moon and become the starting point for taking astronauts to the moon. The potential presence of water on the Moon could also justify the success of the mission. Astronauts living on the Moon can be used as a first step to sending humans to Mars.

Howard Hu said human habitat is important to support science missions in the future. It is known that Artemis I carrying Orion was successfully launched by NASA from Kennedy Space Center, United States of America on November 16, 2022, which was a historic day in the field of human spaceflight.

The rocket carries the unmanned Orion spacecraft, which will later separate and fly to orbit the Moon. The last time the United States sent astronauts to the moon was during the Apollo era, from 1969 to 1972.

Nearly 50 years after NASA sent the first humans to the moon, new space programs and missions aim to return humans to Earth’s satellite. However, with the ultimate goal of making the Moon a path for future space exploration.

It continued throughout the month they would stay to do many things. Including conducting scientific research on the conditions of the moon. However, according to him, that’s not the ultimate goal. The mission to the moon is actually an effort towards the next step, which is living on Mars.

“The next mission is to go to Mars. This is the biggest jump ever. So it’s really important to learn about life beyond Earth’s orbit,” Howard said.

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