Human errors may have caused Air India plane crash

The accident with an Air India Express aircraft in southern India last August is believed to have been caused by human error. That concludes Indian researchers, reports the BBC.

The Boeing 737-800 with 190 occupants skidded off the runway on landing and broke into twos. 21 people were killed, including the two pilots. 75 people were seriously injured.

The accident happened at Calicut International Airport, also known as Karipur Airport, in the state of Kerala. It was raining heavily at the time of landing, causing the aircraft to skid off the runway.

Rules Violated

According to the investigators, the pilots violated several rules. For example, the procedures for landing during bad weather were not followed. The pilots also did not take enough into account the heavy rain. In addition, a windshield wiper did not work, which reduced visibility, the researchers write in their report.

The pilots’ first attempt to land was aborted due to heavy rain. It failed on the second attempt.

The plane came from Dubai and was en route to the coastal city of Kozhikode. It concerned a repatriation flight of Indians who were brought back from abroad because of the corona virus.


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