Hulu is preparing a series adaptation of the comics A Calculated Man (Alberto Albuquerque)

The mass entertainment industry is no longer waiting to invest in adaptations. A more or less reliable, almost risky income, the world of comics continues to supply various television series or film projects for video-on-demand platforms, based on a streaming content model requiring a constant supply of novelties. Latest example: the series A Calculated Man from Paul Tobin et Alberto Albuquerque, a title not yet released and yet already set to be adapted into a television series. Because Netflix cannot be everywhere at the same time, the sponsor, this time, is none other than Hulu.

Pinafore’s Theorem

The project, scheduled to arrive in bookstores in June on the shelves AfterShock Comicsis interested in the character of Jack Beans. A former accountant for the mafia who passed through the witness protection program, this hero is above all a genius in mathematics. Born with a rare form of synesthesia – he sees numbers as colors, has a perfect memory and considers existence and everyday life as a series of equations to be solved – Beans will put his superhuman abilities in the field of calculation to accomplish some kind of revenge plan. After three years away from home, protected by the FBI, the character has finally found the solution to his problem: he has devised a plan that will allow him to regain his life before. And for that, he will have to assassinate all the members of the mobster family Pinafore.

In short, a kind of hazardous crossing between John Wick and the series Numb3rs where we will talk about decimals, logarithms and bullets in the head. Peter Callowayexecutive producer on the series Cloak & Dagger et Legion – in short, a small veteran of comics for the studios Fox – will take over the post of showrunner on the series. Calloway even had his own little experience as a comic book scriptwriter by going to AfterShock for the project Shadow Doctora mobster comic inspired by the true story of his grandfather, a black doctor during American prohibition.

The series is therefore not necessarily so badly mouthed, in comparison with other more questionable adaptations recently announced on Hulu – follow our gaze – well well – but what is he talking about huh – in short, no, do not follow anything at all, why give in the subtle: we are talking about the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, you see you didn’t follow – although one might wonder why you chose to turn this scenario into a television series. Moreover, the very principle of the mini-series format is precisely to have a beginning, a middle and a partitioned end, and the concept has more the appearance of a good action film than a series by episode. To have.

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A Calculated Man #1 is expected for June 15, 2022 at AfterShock.


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