HUK-COBURG advisor: The right motor insurance offers comprehensive benefits at an attractive price

The motor insurance year is coming to an end. Before deciding whether to continue the contract or to switch, there are two questions: Is the price right? What services do I get for my money? A market overview is essential to the answer. Many car owners use a comparison portal for this. However, consumer media advise contacting at least two portals. But even with that you don’t get a complete overview of the market, because no portal takes into account all motor insurers and when it comes to services, it is often a slimmed-down offer. HUK-COBURG, Germany’s largest motor vehicle insurer with more than 12 million vehicles insured, can no longer be listed on any portal.

No comparison portal lists all insurers: HUK is only available from HUK!
To round off the search, consumer media therefore recommend looking directly on the website of a well-known low-cost car insurance company.

As HUK-COBURG reports, the low price alone should not be a decision criterion. Only a critical look at the benefits protects against unpleasant surprises in the event of a claim. Consumer advocates attach great importance to the sum insured in motor vehicle liability insurance. Instead of the legally prescribed 7.5 million euros for personal injury, your own policy should include 100 million euros cover for personal injury, property damage and financial loss (for personal injury, a maximum of 15 million euros per injured person) per claim. It is also advisable to have a Mallorca policy that protects you when you hire a car abroad.

A good comprehensive insurance waives the objection of gross negligence, pays in the event of collisions with animals of all kinds and not only in the case of martens, but generally in the event of animal bites. The insurance also covers consequential damage caused by an animal bite on your own car.

New cars are a very special topic in comprehensive insurance. Depending on the mileage, they lose an average of 20 to 30 percent of their value in the first year. For owners of new cars – but also of new used cars – a total write-off is a particular risk. Correspondingly important is the new price compensation for new vehicles or the purchase value compensation for new used vehicles in the first one and a half or three years.

Full performance and still save
Saving of contributions through telematics: Safe and anticipatory driving is rewarded here. At HUK-COBURG, customers save ten percent on their premiums when they sign a contract, regardless of the driving style.

During the insurance year, the driving data is determined using a sensor and an app. Driving values ​​can be collected up to September 30 of the following year. With the appropriate driving style, customers can experience savings of up to 30 percent.
Comprehensive insurance also offers savings potential with tariffs that are linked to a workshop. Anyone who decides to have their damaged car repaired in the insurer’s workshop network can benefit from premium discounts.
Electric vehicles also receive a discount of up to 20% in motor vehicle liability and comprehensive insurance.

You too can switch to November 30th. to HUK-COBURG, the best motor insurer with the fairest price!
As a rule, a motor vehicle insurance contract runs from January 1st to December 31st of each year. If the contract is not terminated at least one month before it expires, it is automatically extended by one year. If you want to change on January 1st, you have to do so by November 30th. Timely receipt by the insurer is decisive for the effectiveness of the termination. – Before you cancel, you should definitely have the cover letter from the new motor insurer.

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