Huge traffic jam on Hemus – from Pravets to the last tunnel before Sofia

Tunnel Photo Archive

A huge traffic jam in the three lanes after Pravets in the direction of Sofia has also formed on the Hemus highway.

Cars pass at 10 kilometers per hour through this section and stop every 5 minutes.

As it is known, one pipe of the penultimate tunnel before Sofia does not work and this has been the reason for the formation of huge traffic jams over the weekend for months.

The high temperatures before the promised snow at the beginning of the week have obviously taken thousands of Sofia residents out of the city. However, their return to the capital on Sunday is quite annoying.

The expected congestion can probably be foreseen and the organization of traffic re-adjusted, commented drivers who stopped at a gas station after Pravets, waiting for normal traffic to return.

According to them, one of the options is for the Traffic Police to redirect the cars from Hemus before Pravets and for them to cross the old road Botevgrad – Sofia. Instead, the only police car with two police officers leaning on its hood is at the beginning of a traffic jam, where drivers cannot take an alternative route to get out of the traffic jam.



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