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Huge sex parties started at Himos – That’s how they are – 2024-05-05 03:39:10

Xperience United is organizing its spring event in Himos this weekend. Sami, interviewed by Iltalehti, says that there will be love and acceptance – and, of course, sex.

Only community members can enter the venue. Oula Airiola

The Xperience United community, which focuses on sex and sexuality, is organizing its traditional spring event in Himos this weekend. Iltalehti visited the place to find out what the event is really about.

It’s still quiet around Himos Areena on Friday afternoon. Only the prints pasted next to the front door of the arena give an indication of what is to come later.

On the other hand, there is more life in the cottage village located a short distance away. People are carrying their belongings inside from the back of their cars, and some cabins are already blaring music.

A red flag with the letters X and U embroidered in white is flying on the terrace of several cottages. One rainbow flag has also been hoisted.

There are a few people walking on the road through the cottage village, whose clothes indicate that it is not necessarily a typical cottage weekend. Fishnet tights and leather pants are clearly popular clothing choices.

People are visibly happy and greet with a smile. However, when asked about the event, they remain silent and do not want to give an interview.

A community of open-minded people gathers in the shelter of the gentle slopes of Himos. Oula Airiola

Love and acceptance

Finally, the interviewee is found. A man dressed in a leather harness and a collared shirt is standing in the Himos Areena parking lot and sipping a non-alcoholic beer. He introduces himself Samiksi and says he is from Vantaa.

Sami says that the event organized at Himos is about love, adventure and acceptance.

– Here, everyone is accepted as they are, and everything is consensual, says Sami.

On its website, Xperience United advertises itself as a “meeting place for sexually liberal adults” that organizes, among other things, “sex parties”.

However, according to Sam, the event is not just about sex.

– Even though it revolves around sexuality, a big part of what we do in that cabin is that kind of basic socializing. Maybe more closeness, flirting and stuff like that. That you don’t constantly roam around there.

Many of the participants in the event are dressed according to the theme. Oula Airiola

Group sex

Sami says that he arrived at Himos already on Wednesday. According to him, there has been a program at the arena since Thursday, and he will take the stage on Saturday Stig.

However, a large part of the activity takes place in the shelters of the cabins reserved by the participants. Sami says that cabins typically have open doors, and people can go from one cabin to another looking for suitable company.

– If there is this flag of our community on the door of the cabin, then you can go and ask if you can go there to visit. Very often people are welcoming.

Although Samikin emphasizes the importance of community and meeting friends, sex is still an integral part of the event.

– After all, people do come here to have sex, Sami states.

Orgies are also organized, but not everyone can participate.

– I have been to many orgies. But usually they are groups of around 15–20 people, where there might be a core group, and then everyone invites one person, Sami explains.

A lot happens in the shelter of the cottage walls. Oula Airiola

Leather and uniforms

Sami says that openness is central in their community. Everyone can come to events as they are, without fear of being judged.

According to Sam, the community itself takes care that the activity remains open to everyone.

– In the outside world, we want it to be that if someone behaves badly, he can continue that behavior. If you behave badly in this community, you will be thrown out.

Dressing well is also a part of it. Sami says that he likes keeping uniforms, for example.

– You can rarely keep them on in that bar. There might be a little too much attention there.

The party is about to start

There is already more buzz around the arena as the spring Friday begins to turn towards the evening.

People wander from their cabins towards the venue and eventually disappear into the arena, where the bass thump can be heard all the way outside.

What happens in the arena or later in the cabins remains a mystery, as only community members can enter.

At least the love and adventure that Sam mentioned will probably be there.

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