“Huge Forest Fire in Ocentejo: 226 Hectares of Pine Forest Burned, Cause Likely Human Negligence”

According to official data, 226 hectares of pine forest have been burned

This is how the fire looked from Riba on Tuesday afternoon / Riba de Saelices Town Hall

He Minister of Sustainable Development, José Luis Escuderohas indicated this Wednesday that everything indicates that a “human carelessness” It has been the cause of the forest fire declared this Tuesday in the municipality of Ocentejo (Guadalajara), which has already burned 226 hectares of pine forest. As our digital has been able to learn, from sources in the town itself, the origin of the fire could be poorly extinguished embers.

In statements to the media from the command post, Escudero has indicated, however, that they are “optimistic” by “force” of the media with which they acted from the first hour, since almost 120 people and more than 27 air and land means were mobilized.

In this sense, he has stated that although there is still an active point, The fire could be stabilized “in the next few hours”, At the same time, he has praised the work of the Castilla-La Mancha Forest Fire Plan (Infocam) and the brigades and means made available by the Ministry for Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge and the governments of Aragon and Valencia.

In fact, he has pointed out that due to the complex orography in the vicinity of the Alto Tajo Natural Park, the high temperatures, the low rainfall and the strong gusts of wind, the fire could have destroyed many more hectares, which has been avoided. thanks to a “excellent work”has reiterated.
ocentejo fireThe counselor, this morning, with those responsible for the advanced command post of Infocam/ UInfocam

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After touring the active area of ​​the fire, Escudero has assured that the Infocam Plan personnel continue to work and that 13 land and air means will be operational in the next few hours.

To questions from journalists and without wanting to venture, the Minister of Sustainable Development has stressed that everything seems to indicate that the human cause is behind the origin of the fire, specifically in the urban area of ​​Ocentejo, to which he has asked to exercise extreme caution and “maximum prudence” because any carelessness can cause a fire.

CLM willing to prohibit the use of fire earlier than usual

Also asked if, given the current situation, the fire campaign could be brought forward, Escudero said that the device works 365 days a year, especially in reinforcing prevention, although he has acknowledged that since the situation of lack of precipitation and high temperatures, “measures will have to be taken to restrict the use of fire”it is finished.

Remember that the notice of the fire was given by an individual early in the afternoon on Tuesday.

The fire situation in the Alto Tajo improves
“Favorable” evolution of the forest fire in Ocentejo, in the Alto Tajo

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