Huge explosion Schalkhaar: ‘Attack on suspect who entered the terrace’ | Inland

The explosive is said to have been thrown over the fence around 4 a.m. That caused a huge bang that many local residents got despite the time. Windows of houses in the immediate vicinity have been killed.

No suspect has been arrested yet. The police do state that the intended perpetrator is on camera images. “A person was seen throwing an explosive over the fence and running away. There is no doubt that it was aimed at this house, ”police chief Gert Telman told the broadcaster. The police are investigating and are still looking for witnesses. Police say they are looking for a man in dark trousers with a vest and hood over his head.

The detective says that the case is high, also because in the night of July 27 to 28 an explosive went off at the same house.

Debris removal

Last October a car drove into a terrace outside on the Brink in Deventer, Gelderland. At least five people were injured. The police are not yet able to say whether this is a revenge campaign or a statement of account.

No one was injured, but several houses were damaged. The street is still blocked until morning. Images show that the rubble has ended up several meters across the road.

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