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Former Slovak striker Marián Hossa was awarded the ring to enter the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto (HHOF).

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Marian Hossa during a celebration in Toronto.

It happened in the introduction of the so-called inaugural weekend, during which he and four other new members will be inducted into the prestigious company. Hossa is the third native of Slovakia in HHOF after Stanov Mikit and Petrov Šťastný.

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Hossu was originally scheduled to be inducted into the HHOF as early as 2020, but they postponed the ceremony by a year. The Hall of Fame leadership presented him with the most significant career awards at the same time as goalkeeper Kim St-Pierre, defender Kevin Lowe and Doug Wilson, striker Jarome Iglin and general manager Ken Holland.

For all, the inaugural weekend began with Friday’s Toronto-Calgary (2: 1 pp) match and will run until November 15.

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