Huerto de La Sauceda “comes alive” with the help of citizens and their donations

(Photo: Polet Ruano/EXPRESS)

HERMOSILLO, Son.- Great satisfaction has caused in the group of “Orchards and more” the positive response that citizens have given with multiple donations of fish, plants, trees, flowers, fruit, vegetables and legumes for the garden of the La Sauceda recreational parkafter a year that they started with the project.

Among the different species that have been planted in the garden are: red corn, orange corn, sweet corn, broccoli, hard-shelled pumpkin to prepare candy, Italian pumpkin, fat tomato, saladet tomato, eggplant, melon, watermelon, radish, beet, white onion, carrot and piquín pepper.

Emma Fierroenvironmentalist and founder of said group, is very happy with the response of citizens who have collaborated with contributions, such as: Iveth Fuentes and José Sau (member of “Huertos y más), Rafael and family who donated fish for the pondthe biologist Rogelio Molina; chili plants, nicle and two mulberry trees.

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He recognized a citizen named Altagracia who traveled from Guaymas to donate a soursop, while Jahaziel donated Persian lemon, Ricardo; an oak, a persimmon and a palm, Brenda Gil and her brother; 20 date palms and a lemon, Juan Alcalá; papaya, pineapple and mamey, plus Griselda and her little one went to donate a grapefruit tree who promised to continue giving it maintenance.

The orchard specialist added that most of the plants in the pollinator garden were donated by Mr. David Fierros Virgilio Joy What; papaya plants and a mango, María Jesús (member of “Huertos y más); Noni plants, Dina Luna; the chili, tomato and garlic plants from the mini garden and the rest of the plants have been taken by her and her children.

“I am involving my children, in an activity that is not going to go away with me and that is going to stay with my children, with my grandchildren, I am leaving a healthy legacy that brings health and happiness to my city, that I am helping my city , my environment and my family to be a really positive change for Hermosillo”he concluded.

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