Huddersfield announces it: Ramadan Sobhi is very close to leaving

Carlos Corbran, the technical director of Huddersfield Town, has confirmed that Ramadan Sobhi, his team’s player, is about to leave permanently, amid official negotiations from Pyramids to join him.

Corbran said in statements at the press conference today, Friday, “Ramadan Sobhi is very close to leaving the club,” after Mark Devlin, CEO of Huddersfield, announced a few days ago that there were many offers for the Egyptian player, whether from inside or outside his country.

He added at his first press conference since his appointment as coach of the team: “I have not been able to work with Florent Haddrjonaj or with Ramadan Sobhi, or with Congolo, because Congolo is here at the club but is injured, as for the other two players I think they are very close to leaving the club.”

He continued in the statements carried by the newspaper ExminerLive: “I am now focusing only on the players that we have here in the team, and I think the idea of ​​the club is that these players (Sobhi and Hadjonag) want to get offers, and the club is in negotiations about opportunities for them to go to other clubs.”

It is reported that Al-Ahly club had suspended negotiations with Huddersfield to include Ramadan Sobhi after the deal was concluded in exchange for 3.25 million pounds, which will be paid in 3 installments.

Al-Ahly’s decision came after the player expressed his desire to Amir Tawfiq, director of contracting and marketing, to move to Pyramids, who announced the start of his official negotiations with the English club to include the player in the upcoming summer transfer period.

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