Huawei Prepares Drone Control with AI Technology

Huawei logo. (Huawei) – Chinese technology company, Huawei reportedly in the middle of preparing controls drone with AI technology super sophisticated. When will it be introduced?

Having previously released various advanced devices with special abilities. This time, Huawei is preparing an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) or drone.

Launch from Gizmochina, this technology company has bagged a license to apply for a patent for the drone. This patent has even been registered under the number CN110737212B.

In the patent, this Huawei drone has been registered in the UAV Control System and Method. This patent has been filed since last July 2018.

As the name implies, this Huawei patent is related to control controls and drone management methods. This drone system includes a task unit, first action module, sensor unit, first function module, collaborative computing module and first response module.

Huawei logo. (Huawei)

Typically, this task unit can operate after receiving the command as the target action and the information is sent to the first function module and response module.

Later, after obtaining data through the sensor unit and taking a number of actions, the data is then processed for the system by relying on chips with artificial intelligence or AI technology.

It seems that in 2021, Huawei will focus on a number of drone devices. Previously, Huawei was also reported to have named the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Identification and Storage Method Module.

However, until now, there is still no clear information about when the drone with AI technology will be introduced. Huawei is still stingy about talking about this new innovation.

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