Huawei P50 in a detailed image. Shocks with an unusual camera

Had it not been for US sanctions, Huawei could have been the number one in the smartphone market. Now it looks like he will slowly have to say goodbye to his mobile business, with the latest flagship models from the Chinese brand quite possible on the horizon. Now let’s take a look at what the upcoming Huawei P50 is likely to look like.

Huawei P50: two big eyes have four small eyes

Little valid, the front of a modern smartphone has nothing to surprise us with – a large display with thin surrounding frames is the absolute standard today. The distinguishing element is the degree of curvature of the display on the sides and the location of the hole for the selfie camera. Here, the Huawei P50 will be quite conservative – the display should be flat and the selfie camera at the top center.

huawei p50 2

The real wilderness seems to take place on the back of the phone. We recently saw unofficial Huawei P50 Pro renders that revealed an oval photomodule with two huge eyes. We will probably see the same solution with the basic Huawei P50, with fresh renders revealing a hitherto unknown fact – those eyes are not really camera lenses, but a kind of circular submodules containing two lenses. It is as if the manufacturer accidentally mounted two identical photomodules on top of each other.

The Huawei P50 is expected to configure a camera with a classic and wide-angle camera, a telephoto lens. The fourth sensor could then be depth, monochrome or macro. The more equipped Huawei P50 Pro is supposed to get a wider set consisting of a classic camera, a wide-angle, telephoto lens, a periscope camera with a higher level of zoom and a special 3D ToF sensor. The main camera is supposed to be a new 1 “Sony IMX800 sensor for both smartphones.
huawei p50 3

The date of the premiere is still unknown

The Huawei P50 reportedly arrives in four colors – white, black, blue and bronze. The premiere was allegedly scheduled for the end of March this year, but was postponed to a later date. Maybe this happened due to the deployment of the new Harmony OS platform, which is to replace the Android system on this phone for the first time.

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