Huawei may be preparing a new line of watches. What could they do?

Although the Chinese company Huawei has well-known troubles in the field of mobile phones, it is doing very well in the segment of wearable electronics so far. In particular, its smartwatches are among the best that can be found in this field. The offered range of models belonging to several series is not entirely small, but still enough company maybe they will start another separate series. It indicates recently exposed product labelwhich is hidden in the Huawei Health application.

That special designation is an abbreviation AOD-H1, which the Chinese company has not yet used anywhere. Previous generations of all Huawei watches are most often labeled B19 or AL. So the new designation could refer to the upcoming new series and the question is whether anything can be read directly from the revealed coding. For example, AOD is short for always-on-display, which is definitely not a foreign topic for watches. Perhaps Huawei is preparing a smartwatch focused on this practical function. Another option is a series focused on outdoor activities. We’ll see what the next leaks bring.

Which Huawei watch do you like the most?

Source: hcentral

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