Huawei Mate X2 – new information about the specification

There are many indications that we will not have to wait long for the premiere of the new folded smartphone from Huawei. More certification agencies are throwing new information about the Mate X2 into their database, which gives hope that the debut of this device will take place in the near future.

It has already been said about Huawei’s troubles in the field of mobile devices that it is not worth returning to the topic – the troubles have lost their importance a bit after obtaining a license to trade with Qualcommbut still not easy.

Despite this, Huawei is trying to continue working on its equipment, including a new generation model with a foldable smartphone – Huawei Mate X2.

The new Huawei folder goes to certification

At the moment, Huawei has not revealed anything specific about this device, but as usual, certification agencies turn out to be reliable in this context. In the database of the Chinese agency TENAA, there was news about two devices of this concern codenamed TET-AN00 and TET-AN10.

Both devices use 5G connectivity and also support fast charging technology with a power of 66W. According to all information available on the network, these are two different variants of the Huawei Mate X2 smartphone. Considering that mobile devices come to TENAA just before the market debut, it can be expected that this event will take a few weeks.

Information on the technical specifications is provided by 3C and Bluetooth SiG agencies. The equipment of Mate X2 is to be found 8.3-inch screen with a resolution of 2480 × 2220 pixels and a screen refresh rate of 120 Hz.

In the rectangular rear camera module there will be room for four lenses, among which two units will offer a resolution of 40 MP, while offering triple optical zoom. Of course, the whole thing will work under the control of Android 10 with the EMUI 11 system overlay.

So we are waiting for the official announcement of the new “folding” from Huawei – probably hard to expect this year, but it seems that the realistic date is the very beginning of 2021, possibly the January CES.



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