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Huawei Mate 60 Pro: The Future of Satellite Communications Technology

METRO THE HUNGRYG-Smartphone technology continues to develop, making our lives easier with new products. One clear example of this is the satellite connection feature.

This technology, which was first introduced on the iPhone 14, is now used on models from various brands, including Samsung and Oppo. Another manufacturer that wants to stand out with its satellite connection feature is Huawei.

Additionally, there are claims indicating that the company not only wants to benefit from this technology but also aims to prevent others from doing the same. However, China Telecom has clarified that this is not true.

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China Telecom Launches Direct Mobile Satellite Service, Allowing Users to Add Satellite Communications to Existing Mobile Plans

China Telecom has confirmed that Huawei does not have exclusive rights to satellite communications technology. The company also plans to collaborate with more phone makers to promote the adoption of this technology.

In September 2023, Huawei launched the first Mate 60 Pro smartphone to support satellite communications. These phones allow users to make calls and send text messages even in areas without cellular coverage.

Some industry insiders speculate that Huawei has exclusive rights to the satellite communications technology, which would delay the rollout of similar features from other phone makers.

However, a China Telecom spokesperson told Sina Technology that Huawei does not have exclusive rights to the technology.

The spokesperson said that implementing satellite communications in smartphones requires technical expertise and significant investment, covering areas such as chips, protocols and terminals.

“Currently, only the Huawei Mate 60 Pro supports satellite communications,” the spokesperson said. “We plan to work with more phone makers to make this technology available to everyone.”

Huawei Mate 60 Pro is a high-end cellphone with a relatively expensive price. China Telecom’s goal is to enable people to use satellite communications with more affordable telephones.

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In addition to working with phone makers, China Telecom has also launched its own satellite communications service, called “Mobile Direct Satellite.”

This service allows users to add satellite communications to their existing cellular plans. The service is available to all China Telecom customers, and does not require users to switch to a new SIM card or phone number.

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